We have acquired some really nice horses and shares in four two year olds ready to run in 2024 plus one foal to sell on as a yearling next September. They are all sharp and early types and the intention will be to trade them should they win their maiden races or similar. This is a fun “for profit syndicate” rather than a “for glory syndicate”! The aim is to give everyone involved a lot of fun but also try to make that fun pay for itself in the long term.

The proposed timescale for your investment is 10 months from January 2024 and all funds will be returned to shareholders together with the first option to reinvest in the next syndicate. I am taking 1/3rd of the syndicate myself and three other shares are already sold so 17 of 30 amounts of £4,000 remain but each shareholder, on a first come first served basis, can take as many of those shares as desired.

Spirited Management Ltd will receive and distribute funds and be responsible for all VAT transactions. Our accountant will audit throughout the individual syndicate lifetime.

My shareholding is substantial and I can extend to 50% as I really like the horses. My profit from sourcing and managing the syndicate will be 20% of any profit on the final return and nothing else until that stage. I hope that this gives confidence to investors. Each individual should be aware that the shares are not insured but I will, of course, help with that if needed.

The colours are as per our logo and have been dormant for forty years but belonged to my late grandmother, Connie Burrell, and were carried to great successes either side of the Atlantic including in Ireland to a record four victories in The Irish Grand National.

Excess training and keep fees will be retained for distribution on the final amount due to shareholders together with, hopefully, any prize money funds.

The pedigrees are as attached and I can also join you instantly to the members only WhatsApp group where other videos and photos are available and this will be regularly updated by me and the trainers.

I hope you will agree that for such outstanding individuals with great pages we really do have a fighting chance when combined with these talented and proven trainers. All of the horses were purchased by the trainers of their own volition and in all instances, they have retained shares. Hopefully this will be the start of a really enjoyable and profitable journey.



Mohaather x La Romegue
80% £3,600

Kameko x Dark Reckoning
80% £3,600


Dandyman x Bedouin Dancer
25% £18,900


Coulsty x Silicone Star
50% £12,000


Ulysses x Lady of Appin
20% £4,000 to include keep



Cost including VAT

Keep and Training

Including £5,000 Buffer

Syndicate Value

30 Shares x £4,000